European user associations call to MEPs: Do not succumb to the tobacco industry! Do not approve the anti e-cig provisions of the TPD!

European vapers’ associations have written to all MEPs asking them to ignore the lobbying of a federation which whilst claiming to represent the European e-cigarette trade, in fact appears to promote the interest of the tobacco industry. If MEPs accept the extreme regulation of e-cigarettes proposed by the new Directive, they will be serving only […]

Response to the TVECA Letter: a Joint Statement of European Consumers Organisations

Yesterday, we were made aware of a letter written by TVECA to the European Committee in which they praise the present proposal of TPD2 and urge them “to not listen to any other organisations trying to influence your decision”. They also praised article 18 as being good enough – and by this kicked all consumers of ecigs into the backside!

Here is our answer to TVECA – sent out tonight to all ENVI members as well.

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